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Main symptoms of Myofascial/Low back pain

back pain

Many people have this type of back pain.
It is often seen in sports and works that overuse the same muscles. It can also be seen in desk work and car drivers who stay in the same position for long periods of time.

It is thought to be caused by chronic muscle fatigue, but it can also develop into muscle strain and acute low back pain.

Golfers, builders, luggage carriers, and care staff are prone to this low back pain.

Also, people born with their lower back straight do not have the cushioning function of the lumbar spine and are more likely to have low back pain.

Main symptoms

  • Caused by muscle fatigue due to sports and overuse
  • Muscle strain(Pull a muscle)
  • Lumbar sprain
  • The low back is stiff and It has pain in the low back and buttocks.
  • There are no neurological symptoms such as lower limb numbness and muscle weakness.
  • It can’t confirm the abnormality of the low back by X-ray.