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Trust and technology. We will help you to eliminate back pain and stiff shoulders from the cause.
Harikyu Shinkaron Terukina Acupuncture Clinic
+81-98-963-9589 (Appointment Required)
9:00 - 18:00 (Except for Sunday)



Acupuncture treatment
(60-80 minutes)
(10min Massage included)

Standard Fee¥4,000
Upper 65 years old¥3,000
Junior college and above students¥3,000
High school students
and younger

Massage (Shiatsu + Anma)

30 minutes¥3,000
60 minutes¥6,000

Beauty acupuncture (optional)

Possible as an option from the second acupuncture treatment onwards.Additional¥1,000

Discount service (second and subsequent acupuncture treatments)

However, it is limited to visits within one month of the last acupuncture treatment.
Standard Fee¥3,000
Upper 65 years old¥2,500
Junior college and above students¥2,500
High school students and younger¥1,500