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Patient Case 1 (Knee pain, Canal Stenosis)

Female, 80s, Knee pain

Main symptom

  • She visited the clinic with knee pain, but as a result of an interview, he had walking pain in his left calf.

Other symptoms

  • Constipation
  • The left foot is hard to lift
  • It hurts when I press her left knee with my finger, and there is a limit to flexion.
  • Swelling of both lower limbs
  • Right low back pain

Palpation and observations

  • Meridian Pulse Diagnosis
    • Kidney Deficiency
    • Pattern: Deficiency both of Spleen and Kidney
  • Hard lower abdomen
  • Lumbar facet joints are narrow
  • Lumbar muscle tone
  • There is no cold foot
  • She can’t walk for a long time with my hips stretched.
  • Patella tendon reflex (+) bilateral
  • Achilles tendon reflex (-) both sides

Treatment policy

  • Since nerve compression of the lumbar nerve (L1 to L5) and sacral nerve S1 is suspected, Loosen mainly on the lumbar side.
  • Since there is swelling of the lower limbs, treat the bladder meridians.
  • Loosen the lower abdomen and improve constipation and, blood circulation in the lower extremities.


  • First time: Immediately after the treatment, the left foot became easier to lift.