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Patient Case 1 (Stiff Shoulder, Transient Hypertension)

Female, 70s, Stiff Shoulder

Main symptom

  • Stiff shoulder

Other symptoms

  • There were temporary symptoms (high blood pressure, insomnia, sweat on limbs, low-grade fever, loss of appetite)
  • Fatigue
  • Low back pain
  • Dry eye
  • Thirst
  • High blood sugar

Palpation and observations

  • Pulse examination
    • Thin pulse
  • Meridian Pulse Diagnosis
    • Pericardium deficient
  • Pattern
    • Liver fire heat

Treatment policy

  • It is possible that the stress caused immunity abnormalities and that there was some attack on the thyroid gland. (Suspected Hashimoto’s disease)
  • Relieved stress with liver meridians
  • She is losing a lot of weight, so I help digestion and absorption through the splenic channel.
  • Loosen neck and shoulder which are tight.


  • Currently, there are no symptoms that seem to be Hashimoto’s disease.
  • Stiff shoulders improved

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