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What Causes Knee Paine

The order of the most likely causes is as follows for the knee pain in this clinic.

If you have similar symptoms, the disease may be the cause.

The blogs below are categorized by disease and list some patient cases.

Please select the applicable disease name for reference.

Causes of Knee pain

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
    • Knee stiffness
    • There is a squeaking noise when walking
    • It hurts when Japanese sitting posture or going up/downstairs
    • There is swelling or a feeling of heat
    • Joint fluid collects around the knee
    • When it gets worse, it becomes difficult to walk because of pain
  • (Lumbar spinal) Spinal canal stenosisLow back pain
    • Pain/numbness in the buttocks and legs
    • Easy to get worse when walking
    • Bending forward relieves pain
    • Urination / defecation disorders
  • Anterior cruciate ligament injury
    • Misalignment of femur and tibia
    • Knees do not stretch straight
  • Osgood
    • It gets better when you stop exercising.
    • Unlike normal muscle pain, the pain lasts for more than a week.
    • There is a bulge below the knee.
    • It hurts when I run or ride a bicycle.